Connect One Health CEO Discusses Key Issues for Upcoming Annual Enrollment Period

On August 17, 2021, Connect One Health CEO, John Barnoski recorded a Zoom discussion on the 5 actions every Medicare Beneficiary should consider taking in preparation for the upcoming Annual Enrollment Period.* This is a must-watch not only for beneficiaries who are new to Medicare, but for anyone who is enrolled in a Medicare plan and wants to know how to address potential changes to their plan in 2022. To view the discussion, please click below: 
Passcode: CY9GA#3#.

Click on the following link to review the slides utilized during the discussion:

*Note: This discussion applies to beneficiaries whose plans are still being offered for the 2022 plan year. For those beneficiaries who receive notice that their plan is being continued in 2022, we recommend that you call 1-888-766-4448 and consult with one of our licensed agents, or complete our Contact Form for a call-back from a licensed agent.

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