Company History

Founded in 2014, Connect One Health is an independent insurance agency that is licensed to enroll individuals in Medicare products over the phone. Those products include Medicare Advantage Plans and Medicare Supplement Plans. 

In its early years, Connect One acted solely as an independent broker for various national and regional carriers, successfully assisting thousands of clients in finding Medicare plans that fit their specific needs.  In 2020, however, Connect One expanded its operations to include outsource enrollment services, whereby dedicated agent teams work directly on behalf of one carrier only.

Connect One’s business currently is divided into three separate Divisions, all of which enroll clients telephonically in Medicare products:

  • an Internal Brokerage Division, which services clients who contact Connect One Health in response to marketing campaigns sponsored by Connect One Health (e.g., direct mail, this website);
  • an Outsource Brokerage Division, which services clients of corporate partners and provides a more customized enrollment experience, based on the partner’s specific needs (e.g., this Division represents Physician Practice Groups and provides enrollment services that are uniquely tailored to those Groups’ patients); and
  • a Dedicated Services Division, which employs licensed agents who work as a seamless extension of a specific carrier, providing enrollment and customer experience services directly on behalf of that carrier.

In addition to its enrollment Divisions, Connect One Health has a dedicated Customer Experience Team that is responsible for reaching out to all new clients to make sure they are satisfied with their selected benefits, and to assist them with maximizing the use of those benefits. You can learn more about the Team by clicking the link, Connect One Health’s Customer Experience Team.

Finally, Connect One Health works with its strategic partners to develop marketing campaigns that include written materials for mailers and websites, as well as live, educational webinars.  Most recently, Connect One has produced a webinar series that addresses a wide range of Medicare issues for individuals brand new to Medicare, for individuals considering a switch to a Medicare Advantage Plan, and for individuals to prepare for the Annual Enrollment Period (AEP). Please click on the following link to view our Video Library.

Connect One Health currently is licensed to enroll Medicare beneficiaries in 22 different States and the District of Columbia, and is appointed to market and sell Medicare products on behalf of 12 different insurance carriers.