What is the Dedicated Services Division?

Beginning in 2014, Connect One Health began providing appointment-setting services for field agents who sold Medicare Advantage Plans (“MA”) and Medicare Supplement Plans (“Medicare Products”). It continued doing so for several years, until it shifted those services internally, to support its own telephonic agents who began selling Medicare Products in its Brokerage Division, on behalf of multiple carriers. Click here to see Connect One Health’s current carrier portfolio.

In January 2020, Connect One Health created its Dedicated Services Division (“DSD”), when it was engaged to staff and operate a 40-seat Call Center for a regional carrier. Specifically, the carrier retained Connect One Health to act as its in-house call center, working with beneficiaries who contacted the carrier about its Medicare products. However, that call center project became significantly more complicated by the COVID-19 pandemic. Starting in about April of that year, federal, state and local governmental agencies began imposing operating restrictions on “bricks & mortar” businesses such as Connect One Health’s call center, which restrictions made it impossible for it to fulfill its obligations to the carrier . . . that is, to fulfill them in its then physical space.

Instead, Connect One Health transformed its business model to one that provides outsource services through a “virtual” Call Center. As a result, the DSD Team was able to deliver services to the carrier as promised, on-time, successfully hiring, training and managing 50+ licensed agents virtually, 12 hours per day, 7 days per week. And the DSD Team did not just meet its obligations — it more than doubled the performance metrics of the client’s prior vendor.

Building on that success, the DSD Team went on to perform projects for other carriers (“Carrier Services”), and it also began offering outsource services to healthcare systems, hospitals, and physician practice groups (“Provider Services”).