Community Health Advisors

At Community Health Advisors, we strive to provide seniors with unparalleled service and support. We understand that Medicare and insurance, in general, can be confusing and overwhelming. Having the right support is paramount to obtaining the right coverage and benefits. 

At Community Health Advisors, we partner with agents and agencies that align with our core values, treating every client, customer, and prospect as if they were family. Our partnerships are diverse, encompassing agents and agencies from various cultural and ethnic backgrounds. We believe healthcare should be tailored to community and cultural needs. 

Many of our clients are underserved due to language and cultural differences, and our agents work tirelessly to bridge those gaps. We offer support through agents proficient in Vietnamese, Filipino, Chinese, Spanish, and Korean nationwide, backed by unmatched technology, support, marketing, and carrier contracting.

Join us and be a part of “Your” Community Health Advisors.

Community Health Advisors, a Connect One Health company, has top tier relationships with national insurance carriers across the United States. We’ve done this with one goal in mind: getting our partner agents access to the best and highest-commission products to sell to their clients. Partner with us to get access to our extensive carrier network.

Partner with Community Health Advisors, a Connect One Health company! Community Health Advisors provides various sales agent opportunities, including those for independent brokers, independent agencies, W-2 sales positions, remote telephonic sales, field sales, and other unique distribution partnerships.

Partner with Community Health Advisors, a Connect One Health company, to get access to its proprietary marketing relationships with vetted vendors around the country. Community Health Advisors’s marketing products include pre-set lead programs for field agents, inbound calls for telephonic agents, digital lead platforms, and traditional BRC campaigns.

When you partner with Community Health Advisors, a Connect One Health company, you get access to fully vetted technology that was designed specifically for the insurance industry. Our hand-selected technology partners bring real value to agents’ and brokers’ everyday operations.

For example, our partnership with SunFire enables our agents to find the perfect policy solutions for every client in minutes, while our partnership with brings the payment flexibility you need to succeed in the 21st Century.

Our professional team is also working behind the scenes, constantly searching for new and innovative technology partners who can improve our agents’ businesses. And when we find them, we make sure the switch is as simple and stress-free as possible, with in-depth support and training. Get in on this to make sure you never fall behind.

SunFire provides transformative and proven technology solutions to support the ever-growing Medicare landscape. Our seamless and compliant software plays a critical role in providing health and financial security to over 50 million seniors. As a mission-driven company, we are deeply passionate about improving the lives of the Senior community.

Trusty Select Pro is an all-in-one quoting and enrollment tool for Medicare sales. Simple Setup. Instant Drug Reviews. Better Medicare Sales. With Trusty Select Pro, you can quote every Medicare Advantage, Medicare Part D Prescription Drug, and Medicare Supplement Insurance plans nationally, all from one platform.

Community Health Advisors, a Connect One Health company, leverages Connect One Health's industry leading Medicare Industry Support Team & Services, which include access to in-house counsel, compliance services, carrier contracting, accounting services specific to Medicare agents and agencies, commissions processing, carrier audits, and data analytics.