Brokerage Services Division

The Brokerage Division is one of Connect One Health’s two operating Divisions (the Dedicated Services Division being the other). The Brokerage Division is further broken down into two subdivisions:

  • the Internal Brokerage Division, which generally services Medicare beneficiaries who contact Connect One through Connect One-sponsored marketing initiatives (e.g., direct mail campaigns, this website, etc.); and
  • the Outsource Brokerage Division, which provides enrollment and customer experience services to beneficiaries of certain of Connect One Health’s strategic partners (e.g., patients of Physician Practice Groups, employees of other corporate entities, etc.).

Since 2014, the Internal Brokerage Division has assisted thousands of beneficiaries find the Medicare plan or product that best meets their specific needs. The licensed agents in the Internal Brokerage Division are currently licensed to market and sell Medicare plans in 22 States and the District of Columbia, and are appointed to market and sell products of 12 Carriers.

The Outsource Brokerage Division has a more specific focus that is based on each client’s specific requirements. For example, the Outsource Brokerage Division works with Physician Practice Groups (“PPGs”) and other corporate entities to tailer marketing and enrollment services based on those clients’ geographies, Carrier preferences, Medicare plan / product type preferences, etc. After establishing a client’s unique requirements, Connect One then trains and assigns a dedicated team of licensed agents to that client. This “concierge” model of providing enrollment services increases the customer experience significantly, as Connect One’s agents have a base-knowledge of the beneficiaries’ preferences and needs before they even contact Connect One.

If you are interested in exploring how Connect One’s Brokerage Services Division can partner with and help your company, please contact Connect One’s Chief Executive Officer, John C. Barnoski.