What does it do? is the official site for Medicare. It is hosted by the Federal Government and managed by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid. is the place to find the latest news about changes to Medicare and Medicaid. This is the place where you will find in depth information about all of the different Medicare and Medicaid programs that are offered. is Useful if You Are

  • Receiving Medicare or Medicaid
  • A Medicare Beneficiary.
  • Approaching an open enrollment date and want to research options for changing plans.
  • Looking for information about Medicare or Medicaid.
  • Need information about Medicare C or Medicare D.
  • Need information about Medicare Supplemental Policies.
  • A family member or conservator of someone who is on Medicare or Medicaid.

Tools Available on

  • Definitions about terms used and Medicare basic information.
  • Eligibility rules and explanations.
  • Management of your Medicare. Change of address, lost cards, and counseling near you.
  • Find Doctors, hospitals and health professionals near you.
  • Get information about help with costs.
  • Explore and examine Medicare health plans, such as comparison tools.
  • Find Prescription Drug Plans.
  • Find supplies such as Medical Equipment Suppliers.
  • Find nursing homes and Dialysis facilities.
  • The Medicare Blog, Videos, and News.
  • And a whole lot more.
If you have not yet been to, then you should visit the site and get familiar with how it works and what is available. If you need additional help, Connect One Health can help.

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