Accessing Medicare Benefits: What happens after I Enroll?The big change occurs about three months before your Medicare Eligibility Date. You should receive your official Medicare card in the mail. If you do not receive a Medicare card in the mail within 60 days of your Eligibility date, call Medicare at 1-800-Medicare and let them know you have not yet received your Medicare card.

Most people are enrolled in Medicare automatically when they begin to draw their social security or when if they have been disabled for 24 months. If you need to enroll in Medicare you can do so online at It is important that you enroll before you eligibility date. There are penalties and are applied and for Medicare Part B those additional costs are extend for your lifetime.

Once you receive your Medicare cards examine the cards and make sure that your name is spelled correctly. The cards will also indicate when your coverage starts. Once your eligibility date has occurred you may use your Medicare benefits.

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