Preventative visits are an important part of any senior health care plan, as they allow senior citizens to touch base with their physicians and give medical professionals the opportunity to search for early signs of diseases and health conditions.

There are several preventative visits that are included as part of your Medicare coverage, especially if you have a Medicare Part B plan. It’s important to understand this plan and know what preventative visits are covered for you so that you can take advantage of this opportunity to prioritize your health.

What Types of Preventative Visits are Covered with Medicare Part B?

Seniors who are new to Medicare Part B will receive a free “Welcome to Medicare” preventative visit. This appointment must be made with a qualified health care provider during the first 12 months after signing up for Medicare Part B. During this visit, the physician will go over the patient’s health history as well as social history.

Patients also receive counseling about the type of Medicare coverage they will receive under this plan. In addition, basic measurements including height, weight and blood pressure will be noted, Body Mass Index (BMI) is calculated and a vision test is performed. The doctor will review the patient’s risk for depression. Also, the patient and doctor will discuss the creation of advance directives. At the end of the appointment. the patient receives a written plan about what type of care they will require in the immediate future.

After being on the Medicare Part B health insurance plan for a year, seniors are eligible for a free annual preventative visit. Prior to the appointment, patients will be asked to fill out a health questionnaire. The physician and patient will discuss prescription medications that are being used, as well as review medical and family history.

Basic measurements are taken, and the physician will provide the patient with an individual health plan as well as recommendations for any testing or screening that may be deemed necessary. Patients should note that 11 full months must have passed before they can schedule another preventative visit.

In addition to wellness visits, Medicare Part B also covers several screening tests that help doctors make the most of early detection and treatment plans. This includes colon and breast cancer screening, as well as tests for diabetes, heart disease and osteoporosis. This allows senior citizens to take advantage of early detection screening and early treatment plans if necessary.

Senior health plans have been designed to help senior citizens prioritize their health care and make the most of early detection programs that are available today. Preventative health care visits allow doctors to check for early signs and symptoms of various diseases, such as heart disease, kidney disease, diabetes and cancer, to name a few.

This form of senior health care allows people to understand their own health better, and also make better decisions about their health care. People who are enrolled in Medicare Part B should make an effort to understand their Medicare coverage in order to take full advantage of these opportunities.