Every year between October 15 and December 7, the number of senior fraud cases rise dramatically. Those dates are the Medicare Open Enrollment Period and represent a time when seniors are busy choosing health plans. People who target senior, do so all year long, but during the Medicare Open Enrollment period they are especially active.

Seniors can help reduce the threat of being scammed by being aware of a few things that scammers target.

Identity Theft and Medicare Scams

Your Medicare number contains your social security number. Be very careful to whom you give your Medicare number. Clearly you will need to disclose that information when doctors or hospitals ask for your insurance information. Your pharmacist will also need it for billing. A common scam used by identity thieves is to knock on the door of a senior and ask for their medicare information. They may also try to obtain that data over the phone. Keep in mind that Medicare will never call you or knock on your door and ask for that information. Just knowing that can help reduce your odds of being scammed. In short, keep your Medicare Information as secret as possible.

Internet and Pharmacy Fraud

People who scam seniors use the internet to offer outstanding deals on products that seniors use. If the price is too good to be true, it probably is a scam. Each year seniors fall victim to internet scams that involve online pharmacies. Either the companies steal the seniors personal information or they sell drugs that are not the same. Drugs companies that manufactured prescriptions outside of the U.S. do not have to meet the restrictions that apply to U.S Drug makers by the FDA. The prices might be cheaper, but the medication may also be dangerous. Some overseas pharmaceutical companies use fillers or drug formulas that are close, but not identical. The result can be medication that is not as strong, or has increased side effects. Those drugs can be dangerous and deadly.

The list of senior scams does not just apply to Medicare, but also to Medicaid. For seniors who are unsure if a product or offer is legitimate, can always call Connect One Health. Our Medicare technicians are well versed in all of the Medicare Advantage plans. They are also knowledgeable about Medicare Part A, Medicare part B, Medicare part C, and Medicare Part D. If you are a senior who needs help finding better coverage or you have questions about cheaper prescriptions, Connect One Health is here to help. We understand how the Medicare prescription drug plans work. We provide free information to seniors who need to find the best coverage possible.

In closing, remember that your Medicare and Medicaid information should remain private. Disclosing that information to the wrong people can lead to identity theft or even Medicare Fraud. Never disclose that information over the phone. If you have to order products online, make sure the company you are dealing with is legitimate. Only pay on sites that show an HTTPS: in the address bar. The S stands for secure transaction and indicates that the company is responsible with your information.